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Tristan und Isolde Act 2 Debute Brangäne Helsinki Philharmonic under Susanna Mälkki 8,9/9 2022


Tristan Stuart Skelton

Isolde Lise Lindstrom

Kurvenal Brindley Sheratt

"The highlight of the evening was Jenny Carlstedts enormously beautiful and expressive sounding Brangäne.

Her full-bodied and warm mezzo-soprano was perfect for the role, moreover she had a perfect German pronunciation and suitably empathetic facial expressions-and one can only hope she gets the chance soon to sing it on the big international stages."

Mats Liljeroos HBL 15.9.2022

 Kaija Saariaho " Innocence" Finnish National Opera


 “The emotional center of the performance is the waitress Tereza, and Jenny Carlstedt achieves greatnesses in this role. Her anguished body makes a convincing impression on the stage and vocally she masters the entire fireworks display, with tender melodies, dramatic outbursts and
musty low alto notes. Her scenes with daughter Markéta make the tears flow every single time.”


HBL Tove.djupsjobacka October 2022


“The strongest performance is Jenny Carlstedt's waitress, who plays a key role in the revelation of a tragic secret to the wedding party”


HS Hannu-Ilari lampila. october 2022



"As a dark center of energy, Jenny Carlstedt fills the stage as the despairing and furious waitress Tereza. Her voice and body in anguish . Her scenes with her dead daughter Markéta are downright painful to watch"


Ålandstidningen Peter Lobråten October 2022


Thomas Adés Festival Helsinki Music Center October 2021,


"The first half featured a splendid selection of songs by Henry Purcell and Igor Stravinsky, sung by the marvellous mezzo-soprano Jenny Carlstedt,

-The vocal lines were conveyed with reflective beauty by Carlstedt, with her readings endorsed by Adès’s ever-sensitive keyboard accompaniment. A blissful oasis of gorgeously set texts, Four Songs yielded to musical enchantment at the highest level.-


Ever evocative and skillfully detailed, the vocal lines and the instrumental accompaniment are awash with sensitivity and imagination, virtues wholeheartedly cherished by Carlstedt and the FRSO musicians,- under Adès’s nuanced direction.-


A sublime performance, abundant with nuanced colour, Three Songs from William Shakespeare brought together the contemplative and the picturesque in the most admirable manner. -


Conceived with dark-hued dignity, the Elegy is a deeply moving affair, especially when performed with such detail and commitment as Carlstedt and the FRSO clarinetists with Adès.-


Closing the first half, Carlstedt and Thomas Adès gave an absolutely enchanting account of Stravinsky’s very last musical composition, the playful masterstroke The Owl and the Pussy-cat (1966).- Beautifully served by witty performance, Stravinsky’s joyfully surreal setting was pure aural delight."


Sunday 24 October 2021, 3 pm

© Jari Kallio


Pergolesi Stabat Mater 31.3.2021 Vasa City Orchestra


"These ideas were masterfully sung by Jenny Carlstedt,- by the Åland Island mezzo-soprano. A profound calm interpretation supported the music. She mirrored the sweet and profound content with all her soul."  Katarina Korkman Ilkka Pohjalainen

Worldpremier Opera "Lisbeta" by Karólina Eiriksdóttir summer 2021

"The mezzo-soprano "Jenny Carlstedt" is fantastic in the role of Karin, one of the women accused of witchcraft, in the world premiere of the opera "Lisbeta". It is as if the audience in Alandica is sucked into her force field and despite all the anguish and powerlessness she radiates, they don't want this moment, when she is at the center of the action, to ever end ".    Ålandstidningen Stage performance of the year 2021 Photo: Tiina Tahvalainen

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